24bit/192KHz: Digital music is encoded in bits and sampled. The highest resolution is 24 bit and the highest sampling rate is 192KHz. A CD recording, for example, is 16 bit/44KHz.

3.5mm: The size of the rear analog inputs and outputs. When connecting an audio cable or headphones, be sure it is a 3.5mm stereo cable.

Alexa: Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistant in the form of several products such as the Dot and Echo. These devices can be connected to Solo and Duetto’s Auxiliary input and powered via the USB jack.

aptX: Qualcomm aptX audio enables stereo CD-like quality wireless audio via Bluetooth that faithfully reproduces the full audio bandwidth. All Solos and Duettos support aptX audio.

Bluetooth: A high quality wireless method for streaming music to Solo and Duetto.

Chromecast for Audio: A small device invented by Google to stream music wirelessly from your smart device (ie mobile phone) to another product using the Chromecast app. You can connect a Chromecast for Audio dongle (not included) to the Auxiliary input on Solo and Duetto and power it using the USB jack (a short USB cable is included).

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting): Digital radio available free in the UK and many EU countries, but not in North America. It provides noise-free sound quality and offers many stations not available on the traditional FM band. DAB+ is an upgraded version providing improved sound quality and better reception. All non-North American versions of Solo and Duetto include a DAB/DAB+ tuner.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance): Allows the sharing of music over a home WiFi network, such as wirelessly streaming music from your lap top or mobile phone to Solo and Duetto.

Hi-Res: High-Resolution Audio refers to a collection of digital processes and formats that allow the encoding and playback of music using higher sampling rates than the standards used in CDs. You can connect the analog output of a high resolution audio player to the Auxiliary inputs on Solo and Duetto.

Internet Radio: Continuous streaming of audio over the Internet by thousands of radio stations from around the world without the need to download anything.

Loudness: At low volume levels, bass and treble are boosted so the human ear perceives the sound as it would at higher volume levels. As the volume level is increased, Loudness is disabled.

Multi-room: One Solo or Duetto streams to up to four other Como Audio models, forming a zone (room) containing up to 5 radios. There can be multiple zones each containing up to five Como models per zone. The total number of zones depends on what the WiFi network can support. For example, place one Duetto and two Solos in the family room, one Solo in the kitchen, and one Duetto in the bedroom. You can stream Spotify Connect to the three units in the family room, listen to FM on the Solo in the kitchen, play Internet radio on the Duetto in the bedroom, or play one source on all the units in all of the zones. Everything is controlled using the free Como Control app for iOS and Android.

NFC (Near Field Communication): NFC technology provides wireless two-way interaction between an enabled smart device (ie mobile phone) and Solo and Duetto in Bluetooth mode, simplifying the pairing and connecting process.

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation): Conversion of analog audio to digital audio. When connecting your TV to Solo or Duetto’s optical input, access your TV’s settings and turn the PCM output On. Depending on the TV, there may be additional audio settings to adjust.

Podcast (Portable On Demand Broadcasting): A digital audio file, often part of a series, accessed through Solo and Duetto’s Internet Radio menu.

RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System): The transmission of text data by FM radio stations usually in the form of station name, song title, artist name, time, and station format. Not all FM stations support RBDS. Press the “Info” button on the remote control repeatedly to cycle through the available information.

Spotify Connect: Allows a paying Spotify subscriber to use his/her mobile phone (or other device) to easily listen to any one of 30 million tracks on Solo and Duetto without commercials or tying up their phone. The Spotify app can be used as a remote to choose what music tracks to play.

Toslink: An audio cable that transmits digital signals via fiber optics. This type of cable (not included) is necessary when connecting to Solo or Duetto’s optical input.

UPnP (Universal Plug n Play): This technology permits networked devices, such as a lap top computer, to make its presence known to Solo and Duetto in order to allow music streaming via WiFi.

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