Spotify: Music For Everyone

Whether you are a paying Spotify subscriber or use the free version, you can save your favorite Spotify playlist to a preset. Access it by simply pressing the preset button, even if you’re Como Audio music system is in standby. Just have your Playlist playing and press and hold a preset button to save it to that preset button.*

You can even turn your smartphone off while you are streaming and still hear your playlist on your Como Audio system. The color display will show song/artist information as well as album artwork. Set the Sleep timer on your music system and fall asleep to your favorite playlist.

If you own multiple Como Audio systems, group them together and play Spotify all throughout your home with no latency. With over 30 million songs, Spotify is sure to have something for everyone.

Spotify Connect is supported by all Como Audio models

Spotify has been around since 2008, entertaining music lovers in over 70 countries, and has over 100 million users. Spotify Connect is simple to use and is supported by all Como Audio models.

Looking for more information? Check out our How To videos on Connecting Spotify and using Spotify Features.

*Depending on the length of the Playlist.

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