Solo + Ambiente + Bluetooth Turntable Bundle

$345.00 Finish: Walnut

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A bundle for all your music needs. Stream your records wirelessly from our Bluetooth Turntable and enjoy them in true stereo separation thanks to Solo Ambiente. 

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A Match Made in Musical Heaven

With the wonders of Bluetooth technology, you can connect almost any of the Como Audio products to create an amazing two-channel stereo system for your home. Listen to all your music collections–vinyl or digital–in true stereo reproduction, just like the artist intended.

This bundle marries the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable with our Solo music system and a Ambiente speaker to create a versatile true stereo sound system. Whether you want to listen to a vinyl album or stream your favorite playlist from Spotify, this bundled system will reproduce the music with rich bass, clear high registers and low resonance and vibration. Connect wirelessly to other units to create a whole-home music system, and you can even use the Como Audio components to connect to your television for richer sound when watching movies and programs.

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