Musica + Bluetooth Turntable Bundle


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Stereo System With Cd Player + Bluetooth Turntable

This bundle can do it all. Enjoy vinyl records, CDs, Internet Radio stations, and more thanks to the Musica + Turntable combo.


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Best of Both Worlds: High Tech, HiFi

Bundle our Bluetooth Turntable with our top-of-the-line Musica smart music player and get the best of both worlds. Enjoy the unique (and some say superior) sounds of your vinyl collections, or enjoy push-button access to all the new high-tech sources of music: your favorite streaming services (Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and others), Internet radio and podcasts, music stored on your smart devices, CDs, even USB connections and over-the-air FM radio!

And with our free downloadable app, you can connect all your devices to fill your entire home with Como Audio’s rich, rewarding sound. Old school or new, digital or analog … with Como Audio’s bundles, all your music is at your fingertips, ready to play and enjoy.

The Global Edition bundle includes Como Audio’s Global Edition Musica, a system designed for the ultimate, world-wide music listening experience. Equipped with all of Musica’s usual audio sources plus DAB+ Radio, the Global Musica provides more options than ever before. Global Editions also include both US and EU power cords.

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Como Audio Platform


Musica or Duetto and our Analog or Bluetooth Turntable make for a superb hi-fi stereo system, but they can take up a lot of space. The Como Audio Platform is an elegant, sturdy solution, allowing the Turntable to be positioned directly above Musica or Duetto without transferring vibrations or creating feedback.

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Musica + Analog Turntable Bundle


Connect Musica to the Turntable Analog via the included, high-quality, oxygen-free, copper audio cable and create a hi-fi stereo system providing the best of current and retro technology. 

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