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1 × Musica - Walnut: Global Edition

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Save space and create the perfect stereo setup with the brand new Como Audio Platform. This limited edition bundle includes a Walnut Musica, a Walnut Turntable Analog, and a custom platform.

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The Musica + Turntable Analog bundle with Platform does it all. Enjoy almost 60,000 Internet Radio Stations, a single-slot CD player, access to Spotify, Amazon Music, and more all on Musica: a hi-fi system that sounds as good as it looks. Connect the Turntable Analog via the included cable to enjoy your records. Then, stack them with a custom Como Audio Platform and create a stunning stereo system that looks suave and saves space.

Back in the day, music lovers often had a “rack system”…a stack of all their home audio gear. Our Como Audio models support so many different sources all in one model that there is no need for a rack. But with the introduction of our Bluetooth and Analog Turntables, we realized some customers might not have the space to place the two models side-by-side. To address this, our founding CEO and Designer, Tom DeVesto, came up with the Como Audio Platform.

Positioning the Platform above Musica or Duetto provides a home for the Como Audio Turntable, thereby saving space, yet maintaining proper air flow and keeping all controls easily accessible. The seven-pound, 5/8” solid MDF Platform isolates the Turntable from vibration and acoustic feedback and puts it at a convenient height. The top edges are gently radiused and the sides are joined at 45 degree angles for added strength. There is also enough extra space to hide away audio cables.


Amish-crafted in the USA.


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$115.00 Finish: Piano White

An entire world of music at your fingertips

With built-in Wi-Fi, push-button tuning and the versatility to play music and podcasts from your favorite streaming sources, the Solo smart music system from Como Audio will connect you with an entire world of music. And with Solo's soft-dome tweeter and four-layer voice coil woofer, your room will be filled with rich, rewarding sound.

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$130.00 Finish: Piano White

Two-channel HiFi speakers open a new world of sound

Two is better than one, more is better than less, and Duetto’s amazingly powerful two-channel speakers deliver clear, beautiful, studio-quality sound from this stylish music system. Like all of Como Audio’s smart-music systems, Duetto brings all your favorite sources of music --streaming services, Internet radio, your files on smart devices--together in one push-button, easily programmed system so you can sit back and let the sound wash over you.

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Take your music with you anywhere

Como Audio’s Amico smart music system not only lets you access and play your favorite music from anywhere in the world, it also lets you play that music anywhere in the world! This is music unplugged, thanks to Amico’s custom 2200mAh rechargeable LI-ion battery providing 8 hours of playback time.

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