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All-In-One Duetto Stereo System + Bluetooth Turntable For Wireless Streaming

Bring together the best of the old and the new with the Duetto + Turntable Bundle. This bundle pairs our popular one-piece stereo model, Duetto, with the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable. The result is a fantastic-sounding and looking high tech, hi-fi system with a link to the past.

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Duetto’s left and right speakers create true two-channel stereo, which is the way most music is recorded, allowing you to hear your music the way the artist intended. The custom DSP insures great hi-fi sound, and the adjustable tone controls in Duetto’s menu allow you to tailor the sound to your own ears. The Como Audio belt-driven Bluetooth Turntable includes a dedicated speed control, heavy steel platter, and Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Translation: Your records never had it so good.

Since the Como Audio Turntable includes wireless Bluetooth audio, it doesn’t need to be positioned right next to Duetto. If you prefer to do things the wired way, our Turntable includes a high-quality audio cable containing high purity oxygen-free copper and dual twisted pair technology with foil shield, yielding a neutral sound with low distortion. Group additional Como Audio models using the free Como Control app and hear your records throughout your entire home! Place Duetto below your television, connect an optical cable from your TV’s output, and instantly upgrade the sound of your TV.

Don’t have many records yet? While you build your collection, enjoy tens of thousands of free Internet radio stations from around the world from Duetto, plus stream Spotify and tune FM stations. In addition, there are two Aux inputs, a USB input, a stereo headphone output, and more.

So, get ready to bundle with the Duetto + Turntable Bundle and enjoy a full-service stereo system that covers just about all the musical bases.

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Como Audio Platform


Musica or Duetto and our Analog or Bluetooth Turntable make for a superb hi-fi stereo system, but they can take up a lot of space. The Como Audio Platform is an elegant, sturdy solution, allowing the Turntable to be positioned directly above Musica or Duetto without transferring vibrations or creating feedback.

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