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Take your music with you anywhere

Como Audio’s Amico smart music system not only lets you access and play your favorite music from anywhere in the world, it also lets you play that music anywhere in the world! This is music unplugged, thanks to Amico’s custom 2200mAh rechargeable LI-ion battery providing 8 hours of playback time.

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Wherever you go, take your favorite music with you. Offering the same high-quality audio as the other Como Audio units, Amico also utilizes a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery to make this system the perfect choice for your portable music needs.

Amico has the same top-quality speaker for studio-quality sound reproduction and the same easy access to all your favorite digital music sources: Spotify Connect, Internet radio (40,000+ radio stations from around the world) and podcasts, Bluetooth connections to the music files on your smart devices and more, all effortlessly accessible and controlled at the touch of a button.

If you’re on the move, the Amico will move with you and play your music anywhere!

The Como Audio Amico: Global Edition is designed for the ultimate, world-wide music listening experience. Equipped with all of Amico’s usual audio sources plus DAB+ Radio, the Global Amico provides more options than ever before.


  • Internet Radio (40,000+ stations)
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth connections
  • Spotify connect
  • Works With Alexa certified
  • Option to connect to Turntable via Bluetooth & Analog
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Como Audio: Amico - Portable Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, Bluetooth and One Touch Streaming

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Get fingertip control from your smart device

Download the free Como Control App (works with either iOS or Android) and convert your smart device into a wireless, touch-screen controller for your Como Audio music system. Access all functions including power, volume, tuning, presets, sources, EQ and play/pause. Toggle Internet station logos and Spotify album art, see meta data and (if you have multiple units throughout your home) coordinate multi-room sound output. You can also set the time, activate the Sleep timer and perform a factory reset, all without touching the unit’s control buttons.


Dedicated remote adds more convenience

Each Como Audio unit also comes with a dedicated remote control. Use it from your easy chair or any place across the room to duplicate many of the front-panel features and add some new ones.  Control power, volume, mute, ‘now playing’ information, and even adjust the backlight screen when the unit is not in use. Just one more tool to provide total control of your music.


Your music, your way, in every room in your home.

The beauty of Wi-Fi means you can put a Como Audio player in any room of your home: one in the media room, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, even one portable unit to take out to the pool or backyard deck.

Then, using the free Como Control app (iOS and Android), you can easily link all the units together. You can play the same music in every room, or different tunes for different rooms. You are in total control of your music and its output.


Amico’s interior components are housed in a rigid MDF cabinet that itself contributes to the high fidelity sound. The real-wood cabinet is finished with a teak veneer to keep Amico safe in high-moisture areas.

“I’m a big fan of vintage audio gear, stuff that looks as good as it sounds, solid, and with lots of wood instead of plastic.”



  • 9.5 inches high (241.30 mm)
  • 4 7/8 inches wide (123.83 mm)
  • 6 1/8 inches deep (155.58 mm)


4.35 pounds (1.97 kg)


  • ½’ thick MDF enclosure
  • 19 mm soft dome tweeter
  • 3” long-throw 4-layer voice coil woofer
  • Tuned rear bass port
  • Class D digital amplifier – 30 watts per channel RMS
  • Custom digital signal processing
  • Adjustable EQ
  • Bluetooth
  • Spotify Connect
  • Internet Radio
  • FM Radio
  • DAB+ Radio (Global Edition only)
  • Direct Wi-Fi Streaming
  • Works with Alexa
  • USB input
  • Auxiliary inputs
  • Stereo headphone & line outputs
  • AAC+
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • ALAC
  • Multi-room capability
  • Free iOS & Android Como Control App
  • System updates over Wi-Fi
  • Remote Control
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 100-240V, 50-60Hz Universal Adapter with regional plug
  • Snap-in plug adapters for UK, EU, and AU compatibility (Global Edition only)
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Knob Extenders
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh custom lithium-ion battery with 8 hour play time
  • Carry handle port
  • Clock display with two alarms & snooze feature
  • Adjustable Sleep time
  • 2.8 inch TFT LCD color display
  • Backlight adjustment
  • Telescoping external FM antenna
  • On-unit control panel
  • Six independent presets
  • Consumes 1 watt maximum in standby, 37 watts at full volume, and 38 watts with Amica connected
  • Internal 100-240v, 50-60 HZ switching power supply
  • Multi-language menu

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Amico Carry On 1 Travel Case


Whether you’re traveling across the world, the country, or just a few blocks away, protect your Amico and its accessories with the Como Audio Carry On 1 hard-sided travel case.

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Protective Cover for Amico/Amica


This premium silicone protective cover is designed to provide reliable protection from bumps, scrapes and splashes, and makes the unit easier to grip and carry.

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Como Audio: Amico - Portable Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, Bluetooth and One Touch Streaming

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Love it!

What can I say? … I love this radio!
The sound quality is superb yet the Bass is not overwhelming, its just enough. The high’s are crystal clear and not muddled.

It looks gorgeous and blends very well with my decor! I love how it displays the artist and the clock is awesome! I use it in my office and it is connected to the Wi-Fi so I can listen to my favorite radio station over the internet … perfect!!

I’m a very happy customer!! … And maybe an upgrade is in the future…!

Flexible music platform in a sharp package

I discovered the Como Audio platform while searching for a clock radio that would work in a new bed storage surround.

Our old clock radio was a Boston Audio Receptor product. It was a top of the line solution circa 2005, when we bought our house. But the alarm and music controls are on the top of the radio. In the new regime, we needed a clock radio we could tuck away higher on a floating shelf. So top controls were out. And a clock radio with a remote control was looking pretty good.

At first, this seemed like the perfect application for a Bose Wave Music System, like the one in our garage apartment. In practice, however, the audio from the Bose system was terrible in this application, as the new cabinets accentuate the already bass-heavy audio. While the Bose Music System sounds fine in a large vaulted room, it produced a muddy mess of ineligible audio in our smaller bedroom, especially within the confines of the custom headboard niche. Since Bose provides no equalizer control, there was no real workaround short of opening the case and stuffing a sock in the sound chamber. (Believe it or not, this is a real hack that NPR listeners use with the Bose.)

Since our bedroom is clad in 100-year-old antique pine, I started searching for clock radios with a wood case. This led pretty directly to the Tivoli Audio platform, which offers a wide variety of bookshelf-type audio solutions. The problem here is that many users hate the Tivoli Audio clock radios. Since these products have a 12-hour analog clock, the alarm wants to go off twice a day. So I crossed that platform off my list, even though it seemed to check our boxes otherwise.

If you are looking at the Como Audio solutions, you probably realize that Tivoli Audio’s co-founder went on to launch Como Audio. Aesthetically, the product packaging, with beautiful wood cases, are similar. However, Como Audio’s user interface is less precious. Rather than an analog-for-analog’s-sake solution, Como Audio uses a digital display with analog controls (knobs and buttons). It also comes with a remote control. And you can load a Como Audio app to your phone or tablet and control the device via the app. This means you can stream audio from your mobile device or just use it to change the input, channel or volume on the Como Audio device. While I have only had the Amico for a few days, I appreciate having at least three control options (manual, remote or app).

I selected the Amico for our application because of the stand-alone battery-based functionality. We sometimes carry a clock radio into the bathroom to listen to music or news while soaking. The Amico is an upgrade over our previous devices because the controller app. The audio also shines within this constrained space.

While I appreciate good audio quality, my primary concern in the context of our new bedroom storage surround was finding a product that didn’t ruin the aesthetics of our custom built in. Since the Como Audio products are also built like a piece of furniture, they complement design- or architecturally-sensitive installation settings. To get the best audio quality possible out of the Como Audio system, I purchased the companion Amica speaker directly from the company. We have room on our floating shelf for an additional speaker. I look forward to the luxury of stereo audio in our updated bedroom.

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