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Connect to Amico and build a portable, stereo system

The 15′ speaker cable allows you to space Amico and Amica on different sides of the room and enjoy a true stereo experience.

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The Amico smart-music player sounds great all by itself. But connect it to the specially designed companion speaker, the Amica, and you’ll be blown away by the quality of true two-channel stereo.

As simple as plug’n’play, with a long 15-foot cable to allow a sound system to fit your room, the Amica speaker will double the sound output, from 30 to 60 watts of rich, powerful, studio-quality sound. Because Amica uses the same driver configuration and voicing as Amico, you’ll get consistent sound across the two channels.

Constructed from the same marine-grade plywood veneer and with the same choice of color finishes, your speaker will look as good as the player. And no additional power supply is required: Amico’s Class D amplifier provides all the power you need through the Amica speaker cable.

Beautiful and powerful, you’ll find these two units make the perfect duet for playing your favorite music.

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