Pair with Solo for true stereo separation

The Ambiente works as a second-channel companion speaker for Solo, doubling your output and creating stunning stereo sound.

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True stereophonic sound is delivered in independent left and right audio channels. Our Solo was engineered to sound great on its own, but the Ambiente wired speaker was specifically engineered to add true stereo sound to the Solo’s output.

Setting it up is a snap: plug the Ambiente’s cable into the Solo’s rear speaker output and flip the output switch to “stereo.” That’s all it takes to begin enjoying your favorite music in rich, rewarding, two-channel stereo that sounds just like the artist intended.

Ambiente’s 12-foot cable provides the room to set up your own personal soundstage, whether you listen to symphonic orchestras, rock bands or jazz soloists. When played in two-channel stereo, the power output ramps up to 60 watts, resulting in 3 dB more headroom. And all the power comes from that one speaker cable: there’s no need for additional electrical power beyond the Ambiente’s one plug-in cable.

This dynamic duo was made for each other. If you care about hearing great music in the best possible way, you’ll add the Ambiente to your Solo music player.

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