Press Kit

#Product TitleYearFile
1TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Product Sheet
2TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Press Release
3TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (Walnut/Front)
4TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (Walnut/Angle)
5TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (Black/Front)
6TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (Black/Angle)
7TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (White/Front)
8TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (White/Angle)
9TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable (Walnut with Dust Cover)
10TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Walnut Lifestyle Livingroom
11TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Walnut Lifestyle Livingroom w/ Couple
12TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Walnut Lifestyle Livingroom w/ Amico & Amica
13TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Walnut Lifestyle Bed w/ Musica
14TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Walnut Lifestyle Shelf w/ Ambiente Bundle 1
15TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Walnut Lifestyle Shelf w/ Ambiente Bundle 2
16TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable Black Lifestyle Livingroom w/ Musica
17TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable White Lifestyle Shelving w/ Duetto
18TURNTABLE 2019 Turntable White Lifestyle Sidetable w/ Ambiente Bundle
19AMICO COVER2018 Amico Cover Product Sheet
20AMICO2017 Amico Product Sheet
21AMICO2017 Amico Press Release
22AMICO2017 Amico (Back/Atennna Down)
23AMICO2017 Amico (Back/Antenna Up)
24AMICO2017 Amico(Front/Transparent)
25AMICO2017 Amico (Front)
26AMICO2017 Amico (Side/Transparent)
27AMICO2017 Amico (Side)
28AMICO2017 Amico Lifestyle Bathroom
29AMICO2017 Amico Lifestyle Flowers
30AMICO2017 Amico Lifestyle Lakeside (Landscape)
31AMICO2017 Amico Lifestyle Lakeside (Portrait)
32AMICO2017 Amico Lifestyle Shells
33AMICO2017 Amico Lifestyle Statues
34AMICA2017 Amica Product Sheet
35AMICA2017 Amica Lifestyle Black Vases (Front Angle w/ Amico)
36AMICA2017 Amica Lifestyle Books (Front w/ Amico)
37AMICA2017 Amica (Front w/ Amico)
38MUSICA2017 Musica Product Sheet
39MUSICA2017 Musica Press Release
40MUSICA2017 Musica (Black/Front)
41MUSICA2017 Musica (Black/Side)
42MUSICA2017 Musica (Hickory/Front)
43MUSICA2017 Musica (Hickory/Side)
44MUSICA2017 Musica (White/Front)
45MUSICA2017 Musica (White/Side)
46MUSICA2017 Musica (Walnut/Front)
47MUSICA2017 Musica (Walnut/Side)
48MUSICA2017 Musica Black Lifestyle Glass Shelf
49MUSICA2017 Musica White Lifestyle Glass Shelf
50MUSICA2017 Musica Hickory Lifestyle Vintage Bottles
51MUSICA2017 Musica Walnut Lifestyle Credenza Shapes
52MUSICA2017 Musica Walnut Lifestyle Gold Spheres
53MUSICA2017 Musica White Lifestyle Paper Decor
54MUSICA2017 Musica Hickory Lifestyle Paper Decor
55MUSICA2017 Musica Black Lifestyle Vintage Bottles
56MUSICA2017 Musica Black Lifestyle Bookshelf
57MUSICA2017 Musica Hickory Lifestyle Table
58MUSICA2017 Musica Black Lifestyle Dining Room
59MUSICA2017 Musica White Lifestyle Entry Way
60MUSICA2017 Musica Walnut Lifestyle Beach House
61SOLO2016 Solo Product Sheet
62SOLO2016 Solo (Walnut/Front)
63SOLO2016 Solo (Walnut/Side)
64SOLO2016 Solo (Walnut/Back)
65SOLO2016 Solo (White/Front)
66SOLO2016 Solo (White/Side)
67SOLO2016 Solo (White/Back)
68SOLO2016 Solo (Black/Front)
69SOLO2016 Solo (Black/Side)
70SOLO2016 Solo (Black/Back)
71SOLO2016 Solo (Hickory/Front)
72SOLO2016 Solo (Hickory/Side)
73SOLO2016 Solo (Hickory/Back)
74SOLO2016 Solo Hickory Lifestyle Bed
75SOLO2016 Solo Hickory Lifestyle Desk
76SOLO2016 Solo Hickory Lifestyle Pitcher
77SOLO2016 Solo Walnut Lifestyle Living Room
78SOLO2016 Solo Walnut Lifestyle Sink
79SOLO2016 Solo White Lifestyle Bath
80SOLO2016 Solo White Lifestyle Bed
81SOLO2016 Solo White Lifestyle Sink
82Solo HV - Hotel Version2016 Solo HV Product Sheet
83DUETTO2016 Duetto Product Sheet
84DUETTO2016 Duetto (Walnut/Front)
85DUETTO2016 Duetto (Walnut/Side)
86DUETTO2016 Duetto (Walnut/Back)
87DUETTO2016 Duetto (White/Front)
88DUETTO2016 Duetto (White/Back)
89DUETTO2016 Duetto (Black/Front)
90DUETTO2016 Duetto (Black/Back)
91DUETTO2016 Duetto (Hickory/Front)
92DUETTO2016 Duetto (Hickory/Back)
93DUETTO2016 Duetto Hickory Lifestyle Books
94DUETTO2016 Duetto Walnut Lifestyle Livingroom
95DUETTO2016 Duetto White Lifestyle Bureau
96AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente Product Sheet
97AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente (Black/Front)
98AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente (Black/Side)
99AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente (Black/Back)
100AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente (Hickory/Side)
101AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente (Hickory/Back)
102AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente White Lifestyle Front Bookshelf
103AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente White Lifestyle Angle Bookshelf
104AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente Black Lifestyle Bureau
105AMBIENTE2016 Ambiente Hickory Lifestyle Bureau
106Tom DeVesto2016 Tom DeVesto Bio
107Tom DeVesto2016 Tom DeVesto Headshot

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