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Tom DeVesto
Designer, Innovator, Audio Expert, Manufacturer and Founder


Tom DeVesto, designer, innovator, audio expert, manufacturer and founder of Como Audio, has spent a lifetime in search of the perfect sound. It has been his mission and goal to use the best technology to bring the listener the same kind of vibrant and rich experience as if they were sitting in a concert hall instead of their own home.

Over his 40-year career in consumer electronics, DeVesto stayed true to one focused mission: to deliver the best sound possible. That’s why this veteran electronics legend and visionary started COMO AUDIO: to make a high quality product that supports the latest technology — is simple to operate – has sophisticated design – takes up a small amount of space – and doesn’t become obsolete.

Throughout the COMO product line, you will find DeVesto’s ongoing dedication to his lifelong goal of bringing high performance, futuristic vision, beautiful design and long lasting products to the consumer.

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