Find Your Perfect Stereo System

Recording music in stereo has been standard practice for the last 60 years. Stereo reproduces the music as the artist intended, with instruments and vocals spread wide across two channels.

Bring out all that your music has to offer with one of Como Audio’s elegant hi-fi stereo systems, made up of different combinations of our high-fidelity music systems & turntables.

Follow the steps below to find out which of our stereo systems is right for you!

Step One: Choose Your Music System

Use the chart below to find out which music system will fit your needs.

For even more information on our music systems, check out this video covering the entire Como Audio catalogue.

Step Two: Choose Your Turntable

Como Audio offers two Turntable Options: Bluetooth Turntable & Turntable Analog.

With a Bluetooth Turntable, you can connect wirelessly to any music system OR make a wired connection via the included cable. With Turntable Analog, only a wired connection is possible.

If you cannot place your turntable close to your stereo system, or you just want to eliminate another cable, the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable streams your records without wires. Be it Bluetooth or Analog, either of our Turntable models will sound great and blend beautifully with any Como Audio hi-fi stereo system.

Step Three: Shop Your System

Once you’ve picked out the perfect music system and turntable, you can find the combination you’re looking for in the Stereo Systems section of our website.

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