June 15, 2020


Since I was ten years old – in the 1950’s – I have been fascinated by radios and have collected a substantial number of them over the decades. The oldest are from the 1930’s, and there are three modern radios purchased in the past few years. One is a Tivoli (my second one of those), another is a Tesslor vacuum tube radio with Blue Tooth connectivity, and the most recent purchase is the Como Audio Solo model. The Como Audio radio is, by far, the most advanced radio available. It is a beautiful device, more like a work of art as it sits in a prominent place in the living room. There are MANY types of inputs possible, but I mostly listen to the internet radio stations, often for ten hours a day or more. The TV is rarely on since this radio arrived. For a unit that is quite small, the sound is impressive. The remote control is a nice touch and you can make several adjustments with it. I recommend the Como Audio Solo to anyone who appreciates excellent engineering and all-around high quality. It is a state-of-the-art radio.

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