June 15, 2020


The Musica is exactly the product I was looking for. I wanted something that I could use to listen to FM radio, internet radio, podcasts, and my Amazon music library…and most importantly I wanted anyone in my house to be able to do all of this without having to pick up a phone or tablet. We’re glued to our screens enough, we don’t need them for music.

The setup videos and blog posts on Como Audio’s website were easy to follow. I got it up and running in no time.

I can’t say enough kind words about the customer service at Como Audio. I had an issue with shipping that was really more about FedEx than Como Audio, but I emailed them anyway after getting no satisfaction from FedEx. This was on a weekend, five days before Christmas, and I got a quick response from 3 people at Como Audio (including the founder and a vice president). They did as much as they could on their end to make sure it arrived before Christmas, even offering to hand deliver and new one to my house. Ultimately, FedEx got their act together, but it was nice to know that the staff at Como Audio were there listening to their customer’s concerns. How refreshing!!

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