December 13, 2018

Tech Rap: Top 10 Features You Never Knew About

The owner’s manual included with our models is designed as a basic guide to get you started and familiarize you with some key features. In the manual we note you can visit our website under “Support” to access the 50+ page Comprehensive manual and find a lot more detail. As we are required to translate the manual that we pack with the unit into at least 8 languages, it wasn’t practical to translate the Comprehensive manual and include a 400+ page manual with every unit! There also isn’t enough space in the box to accommodate such a thick manual. In general, these features can be used any time, but with the holiday season upon us, you might find a few of these especially useful if you’ll be entertaining with your Como Audio system providing your party soundtrack.

1. One-touch Presets
Most everyone knows what Preset buttons are and how they work, but did you know we made our Preset buttons even better? For one thing, they are independent, meaning you don’t need to be in the source of the Preset for it work. If a Preset is an Internet radio station and you’re in Aux mode, press the Preset and the unit will switch to Internet radio mode and play the station. Not only can you save Internet or FM stations, you can also save Podcasts or sources to a Preset such as Bluetooth or Optical. Best of all, you don’t have to power your Como Audio system on first to use a Preset. With the unit in standby, simply press any Preset and your system will power on and go to that Preset or source at the last used volume level.

Podcasts can also be saved as Presets, though they won’t automatically update to the latest episode.

2. Enhanced EQ for increased bass
In direct response to customer feedback we added an Equalizer setting in the System settings menu exclusively for Solo and Amico only called “Enhanced EQ”. When selected, this option adds ½ octave of bass. Since the Duetto and Musica have better bass response due to the larger internal box volume, those models do not have this EQ setting. Of course, you can adjust the bass level on any of our models through System settings > Equalizer > My EQ profile.

The Enhanced EQ option in Solo and Amico’s Equalizer option in the System settings menu adds deeper bass.

3. Streaming quality optimization
Found in Musica’s System settings menu, this option allows you to tailor the streaming quality of Tidal and Deezer depending on what each service supports (it’s not supported by Spotify at all). For example, should you experience frequent track buffering or other issues, selecting “Low” should help. The current options are:

Napster – AAC 192 kbps only

Deezer – MP3 128 kbps or 320 kbps

Tidal – AAC 192 kbps or 320 kbps, or FLAC

Amazon Music – AAC 256kbps only

Select “Streaming audio quality” (Musica only) in the System settings menu.
Once in the Audio Quality menu, select from Low, Normal, or High. The asterisk to the extreme right indicates the current setting.

4. Expanding Album art/Station logos
When album art or Internet radio station logos are display on your Como Audio model’s screen, press the center Menu knob in briefly and the artwork will expand to fill the display. It may take a moment for the image to appear depending on the resolution of the image.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon expanded on Musica’s display.

5. Backlight toggle On/Off
With your Como Audio system in standby, press any key twice on the remote control (except Power, Alarm, or Sleep) to turn the display’s backlight off. Press any key twice again to turn the display on and off again automatically after 10 seconds. This is handy if you just need to see what time it is in the middle of the night and want the display off afterwards. Press any key twice again to restore the display’s backlight on.

6. Alarm toggle On/Off
Although it is necessary to have your Como Audio system on to go into the alarm menu and set the alarm parameters, it isn’t necessary to just set the alarm on or off. To do so with the unit in standby, just press the Alarm key on the remote control repeatedly to cycle the alarms on or off.

7. Accessing Presets and Sleep Timer via the remote control
The remote control for Solo, Duetto, and Amico doesn’t support the Sleep Timer and Presets like the Musica remote does. However, the Musica’s remote dedicated preset keys (1-6) will work with our other models, and the Sleep key will work with Amico. If you own a model other than Musica and want Preset access via remote, get yourself a Musica remote control. Many customers also appreciate having a second remote, but if you don’t want to spend the money, our free Como Control app for Android and iOS has direct preset access.

Musica’s remote has dedicated Preset buttons that will work with our other models.

8. FM Auto-Seek Tuning
While in FM mode with the rear external antenna fully extended, press the front panel’s Menu knob in briefly, or the remote control’s Play/Pause key briefly, to auto-seek to the next strongest FM station. A weak station or strong noise can fool the auto-seek, but this can be adjusted in the System settings menu in FM mode. Select Scan setting at the top of the menu. You’ll be asked if you wish to scan strong stations. If you select Yes, the auto seek will be more selective about what frequencies it stops on. If you select No, the auto-seek will stop on most any strong signal be it a radio station or noise.

Adjust the sensitivity of the FM Auto Seek in the Scan setting Menu in FM mode.

9. Extra Presets
For those who own more than one Como Audio system and desire more Presets, you can group the units using our free Como Control app and save different stations to the Presets on each unit, thus effectively getting two or three times more Presets depending how many models you own. Since the units will be grouped, any Preset you press will play on all the grouped units.

10. System reboot
If you experience any odd behavior with your model, you can go into the System settings menu and select System reboot. This power cycles the unit without you having to fish out the power cord and unplug it and plug it back in. If you own a Musica or an Amico, there is a tiny reboot button on the rear panel you can also use.

The above are just 10 features I focused on based on my personal interaction with customers. Since our models do so many things, there very well may be many more you aren’t familiar with. If you have the time, have a browse through the Comprehensive manual on our website. On our website you’ll also find a FAQ section and numerous “how-to” videos. You can always send us an email at and we’ll be glad to answer any questions because we want you to enjoy the music!

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