January 24, 2019

Tech Rap: Our Most Popular Stations

We recently queried our customers through social media asking them to let us know their favorite Internet radio stations. We received some interesting recommendations, some of which included:

KEXP: Seattle, WA (University of Washington); Variety (128kbps, MP3)

YLE Klassinen: Internet-only; Classical (192kbps, WMA)

WJIB: Internet-only; Beautiful Music (128kbps, MP3)

Audiophile Jazz: Internet-only; Mainstream Jazz (320kbps, MP3)

WHRB: Harvard University; known for their “musical orgies” (96kbps, MP3)

WFAE: Charlotte, NC: NPR (64kbps, MP3)

BBC Radio 3: London, UK; Classical (97kbps, AAC)

I was also very curious as to what stations in general were popular amongst Como Audio listeners. To that end, I queried our Internet station aggregator to compile the Top 30 stations Como Audio customers have been listening to. Here are the results:

1Radio Swiss Jazz 98.1 FM
2BBC Radio 6 Music
3BBC World Service English News
4WGBH Radio 99.5 FM WCRB
5BBC Radio 4
6Rás 1 RÚV 93.5 FM
7mvyradio WMVY 88.7
8Rás 2 RÚV 90.1 FM
9Bylgjan 989
10WQXR 105.9
11Radio Italia
12BBC Radio 3
13France Inter
14WNYC FM 93.9
15Classic Jazz
16Classic FM
17Soma FM Left Coast 70s
18Hi On Line Jazz
19WBUR 90.9 FM
20BBC Radio 2
21NPO Radio 1
22NPO Radio 2
23VRT Radio 1 94.2 FM
25NDR 1 NDS (Hannover)
27ORF Ö1
28Radio Paradise
29NPO Radio 4
30Ceol FM – Fiddle

I took the time to audition every one of the above 30 stations. I especially liked FIP’s (Paris, France: 192kbps, MP3) Jazzy-electronica-Calypso tunes, Radio Paradise’s (Internet-only: 192kbps, MP3) eclectic mix of modern rock and world music, and Ceol FM Fiddle’s (Internet-only: 192kbps, MP3) traditional Celtic music.

FIP radio: A liberal mix of funky sounds from our friends in France. Photo by Peter Skiera.

But what I had really been hoping for was a quirky, little-known station I never would have found on my own or even imagine existed. I ended up getting it in an unexpected way…from a prospective customer who emailed me wanting to know if the station was available in our station data base, which it was. Internet-only radio station Seeburg 1000 (128kbps, MP3) spotlights instrumental music played by the Seeburg 1000 Background Music System. This large microwave-sized phonograph from the early 1960’s played proprietary mono records that provided background music for retail establishments, offices, factories, etc.

The inner workings of a “compact” Seeburg background music machine. Picture from

I can almost guarantee you won’t find music like this on any other station. It’s not cheesy like elevator music, and there’s something cool about hearing music designed to keep you shopping or being productive at work from almost 60 years ago. You’ll find the station in your unit’s Station list menu > Stations > Search stations > Type in “SEEBURG” > OK.

Seeburg 1000 Internet radio: Talk about a blast from the past! Photo by Peter Skiera.

If there’s anything you take away from my article it should be that there’s a big bag of all sorts of free stations available to you, some of which you’d be enjoying right now if you had uncovered them. I hope this inspires you to take some time to explore the station data base on your Como Audio music system. You have a beautiful, superb-sounding system, so be sure you’re fully enjoying the music!

Peter Skiera lives in southern MA, worked in radio broadcasting throughout New England, and also worked for Cambridge SoundWorks, B&W Loudspeakers, and Tivoli Audio for 15 years before joining Como Audio as V.P. of Product Development in 2016. In Addition to Tech Rap, Peter also writes for his own blog, He can be reached directly at

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