November 1, 2021

Tech Rap: Ask Como Audio

As we head into the 2021 holiday season full steam ahead, this is the perfect time for another Ask Como Audio Tech Rap. This time of year is typically when we field the most questions from current and prospective customers. I have compiled a fresh new list of 35 frequently asked questions that newbies and long-time customers alike should find helpful. Regardless of your experience level, you should find most of this information enlightening. 

  1. What are the dimensions and weights of your models? 

Dimensions include antenna, power cord, knobs, and feet. Due to production tolerances dimensions will vary slightly. 

Musica: 16” W x 8.5” D x 6” H; 9.45 lbs

Solo and Ambiente: 9 7/16” W x 6 3/4” D x 5 3/16” H; 4.25 lbs 

Duetto: 14.5” W x 7.5” D x 5 9/16” H; 6.40 lbs 

Amico and Amica: 4 7/8” W x 6 1/8” D x 9.5” H; 4.35 lbs (including battery pack)

Turntable: 16.5″ W x 13 1/4″ D (including cables) x 4.5″ H (including dust cover); 11.1 lbs

Song meta data displayed for Internet radio station JIB On the Web. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. How do I see what meta data is available for the source I’m listening to on my Como Audio system?

There is only one way to scroll through meta data (song/artist information, bit rate, codec, etc.)…repeatedly press the “i” (information) key on the remote control. This function is not available on the unit or in the Como Control app. Note not all sources support meta data. 

You can get the Como Audio power cord in any color as long as it’s black and any length as long as it’s about 8-9 feet long. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. Can I get a power cord in another color or length? 

Stocking different colors and lengths of power cords is not an option due to the very large quantities we would be required to buy of each from cord suppliers. However, our power cords are not proprietary, so you should be able to source what you want on the Internet. You can use just about any UL certified, 125 Volt, 7-10 Amp, figure 8 cord. Our cords are about 9’ long but you if you’re buying a new cord you can get the length you want.

  1. What if I experience a problem but I’m beyond my Como Audio system’s two-year warranty?

Please contact us to review some simple trouble-shooting tips that might resolve the issue. We will need to know the unit’s serial number (see next point) and your original shipping address and/or a copy of your purchase invoice. Please do not ship the unit to us without first obtaining a Return Authorization (RA) number.  

The serial number on the back of a Como Audio Solo. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. Where is the unit’s serial number?

The S/N is located on the rear panel on a white sticker with a small bar code above it. If you ever contact us with an issue with your music system, please let us know the serial number.

  1. What does “Not available anymore” mean in the Internet radio station portal?

This usually means the station does not have the license to legally stream in your country and can no longer be accessed in your country. 

  1. Why do some of My Favorites in the Internet radio station portal not include a “Play” option? 

Not all Internet radio stations support a preview option in the portal.

The Service input on the back of a Musica. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. What are the rear DC and Service jacks used for?

The rear panel DC input is used to connect an optional Como Audio external power supply should you lose your power cord or otherwise prefer not to use a cord for whatever reason. You should never use both the cord and the external power supply at the same time. 

The back panel Service input is used to connect to a computer to manually load software via a custom program. This can only be effected by Como Audio. 

Look for the grey knob extenders tucked inside the bottom pulp tray in the box. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. What are the three little grey covers I found packed in the box with my Como Audio model? Can I get them in another color?

These are knob covers/extenders. If you find the front panel knobs a bit slippery or too short to grasp, these silicon knob covers slide over the existing knobs to provide a better grip and extend them by 2 millimeters. They are not available in other colors.

  1. Do your models include a battery back-up for the clock and alarm?

No. An expensive, large-capacity battery would be required to power the unit on and sound the alarm and the battery would somehow have to be user-replaceable without the owner having to remove the back panel. 

The good news is, if power is lost, after it is restored, our models will re-acquire your Wi-Fi network and automatically set the time and date again. Alarms, presets, and other settings will not be lost and will not need to be set again. 

Our portable Amico model includes a battery, but when it is switched off completely and not plugged in, the display remains off and the unit is not active in order to conserve battery power. However, once powered on again, it will reacquire the time and date automatically and no settings will be lost.

The only time settings are lost (including time and date) is when a Factory reset is performed. On very rare occasions a major software update will trigger a Factory reset, but we will notify users in advance if we know this will happen. This is why it is very important you be signed up on our email list. If not then we have no way of contacting you in advance to warn you.

Setting the Snooze time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. How can I adjust the Snooze interval?

Snooze can be adjusted to last 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes. Just repeatedly press the center Menu knob or Mute key on the remote control after the alarm sounds. Leave it at the time you want and it will set to that snooze time automatically. This feature is not available in the Como Control app. If you own our Musica model, the Musica remote includes a dedicated Snooze key that only works with Musica. 

  1. Can I fall asleep to one station but wake to another?

Yes! Our dual alarms are independent, so you can wake to a source other than the source the unit is currently playing, even to a different volume level if you wish. For example, you can wake to an Internet station, FM, a tone, or a CD (Musica model only). Meanwhile play the station you wish to fall asleep to and activate the sleep timer.

  1. Why do I not see responses from Como Audio to user reviews on Amazon?

We read every review posted on Amazon, good or bad. We used to respond to all of the low star reviews, however, Amazon removed the ability to respond to reviews in early 2021. Now that we no longer have the ability to respond, it’s more important than ever to please give us a fair opportunity to assist before posting a review. We staff a MA call center with knowledgeable people who will take the time to help you if given the chance. 

A list of recent podcast episodes as shown in My Favorites. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. I have podcasts saved to presets and My Favorites. Will new podcast episodes update automatically?

No, they will not. However, the most recent 30 or so episodes will show in My Favorites when you select the podcast, making it easy to access them.

Checking which network your Como Audio model is connected to is easy. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. My Wi-Fi network has a few different networks like 2.4G, 5G, and Guest. How do I know which network my Como Audio system is connected to? And how can I find out my network password?

Go into the System settings menu on your music system, go to Network, then select “View settings”. Scroll down to “SSID” and the network name will be shown.

Although you can see your network’s name, it’s not possible to see your network password. This is done deliberately to protect your privacy and security. If you’ve forgotten your password, you should contact your Wi-Fi service provider. 

An adapter that converts a stereo RCA cable to a single 3.5mm stereo connector. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. What do I need to do if I want to connect a separate CD player or other audio device to my Como Audio system?

If your CD player or other device has a Bluetooth transmitter (not all of them do), you can stream the sound from the CD player to your Como Audio system in Bluetooth mode without any cables. Otherwise, connect an audio cable from the audio out of your CD player to the Aux in on your Como Audio system. Our Aux in accepts a 3.5mm stereo connector. If you are using a standard RCA audio cable, you will need an adapter to convert the left and right RCA connectors to a single 3.5mm stereo connector as shown in the above picture.

Outside with the Como Audio Amico. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. Can I stream sound from my Como Audio model to an outdoor speaker?

Como Audio models use Bluetooth receivers but cannot transmit audio via Bluetooth. You can buy an external Bluetooth transmitter, connect it to the stereo Line or Headphone output, and stream to an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. However, the best option is to use a Como Audio Amico outside and link it wirelessly with your other Como Audio models via the free Como Control app so they all play the same source and can be easily controlled. 

We’re off to see the Wizard.
  1. My display is stuck on “PC Wizard”. What is going on?

If your Como Audio model experiences a problem, such as static discharge or a surge, it might lock up in protect mode and show “PC Wizard” on its display. You can try performing a hard manual reset. To perform a hard reset: Unplug the unit. Press and hold the Power and Menu knobs in while plugging the unit back in. Release both knobs when the display lights up. If the Amico has this issue, be sure to remove its battery pack before performing the reset. The reset doesn’t always work but it’s worth trying and it won’t cause any harm. If it doesn’t resolve it, please contact us and include a copy of your purchase invoice and/or your shipping address, the unit’s model name, and serial number so we can confirm your warranty status and issue you an RA# to send it in to us. You might want to consider getting an inexpensive surge protector to plug your music system into and applying the included grey silicone covers over the knobs.

Our free Como Control app + your smartphone= A fantastic touch screen display.

  1. Do your models use touch screen displays?

No, they don’t. We chose not to use touch screens because the cost at the time of development was prohibitive. Moreover, we could never have as nice a touch screen as used in your smartphone or tablet, so just download our free Como Control app for iOS and Android you will have a beautiful, big touch screen display always at the ready.

The free Como Control app in the Google Play Store.

  1. Where will I find the free Como Control app?

For Android/Google devices, search in the Google Play Store. For Apple devices, search in Apple’s app store. Search under the names “Como Control” or “Como Audio”.

  1. Is the Como Control app the only way to setup and control your models?

No. In fact, we highly recommend you run through the Setup Wizard using the unit’s front panel controls or the included hand held remote, not through the app.

Our models can be controlled using the remote and front panel controls as well as our app. Some users find apps very handy so we developed the free Como Control app for iOS and Android especially since a phone/tablet has a large touch screen vs. the unit’s smaller non-touch screen, but it’s not required to be able to setup or use our models. If you plan on doing multi-room by grouping multiple Como Audio models together, that can also be done using the unit’s menu and controls but it’s much easier using the Como Control app.

One exception is if you plan on using Spotify Connect or other music streaming apps. Those would have to at least be initiated from a smartphone/tablet/computer per those services.

Como Audio’s Turntables come with a transparent dust cover that is removeable.

  1. Some of the pictures I’ve seen of your turntables do not show dust covers? Do they include one?

Yes, our Bluetooth and Analog Turntable models come with a clear dust cover that is removable. 

  1. What is an “authorized reseller” and why are they important?

Sometimes we hear from people who bought one of our models off of eBay. Whether you buy new or used, eBay is not an authorized reseller. We list authorized resellers on our website. We will certainly be glad to help you with any technical support you may need at no charge, but if you require service or an exchange and you purchased from an unauthorized reseller, you must contact the seller you purchased from first. If they are unwilling to help you, please contact us and let us know the situation. If you are unsure whether a reseller is authorized, please ask us before you buy.

Authorized resellers pay us a premium to get our two-year warranty. Unauthorized resellers do not. Therefore, unauthorized resellers must provide their own service.

  1. Is it okay if I buy a Como Audio model from eBay?

Ebay is not an authorized reseller, so if you buy from eBay, regardless of whether the unit is used or new/never used, you won’t get a warranty, as the warranty applies to the original buyer only. If you do buy from eBay, we will certainly provide you with free tech support, but if the unit breaks or develops some other problem, it won’t be covered under warranty. You should first contact the party you bought it from since they are responsible. If they refuse to help, please get in touch with us and we’ll see what options we can provide. 

We know everyone loves a bargain, but it is not much of a bargain if you do not get a warranty. You might want to check out our B stock models before you risk buying on eBay, or sign up to our email list to be notified of sales. At least that way you will get a warranty and peace of mind. 

Image from SGS’s Facebook page.

  1. What kind of quality control do you exercise?

When mass production has finished, we require our finished goods to undergo to a rigorous third-party sample inspection prior to shipping. Our factory would be happy to conduct their own inspection for free, but we pay a premium for an independent company to perform all of our inspections. So, we partnered with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, testing, and certification company. We have worked with SGS for over 20 years. We craft comprehensive inspection procedures for each model that cover the cosmetics as well as the acoustic performance and software. Should an inspection fail, the goods must be reworked to correct the issue before anything ships. Prior to COVID, Como Audio’s V.P. of Product Development, Peter Skiera, would often tour final assembly unannounced to monitor the quality. 

As high as our standards are, things sometimes break. What is important is that we stand behind our 2 year warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller. 

  1. Why wouldn’t I just buy a Bluetooth speaker instead of one of your models?

You can spend as much or more for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker as you can for one of our models, so why not get more than just Bluetooth with a Como Audio music system? 

Unlike most Bluetooth speakers on the market, our models have presets, built-in Internet radio (60,000 free stations), FM, tone controls, alarm clock functionality, Spotify Connect, Works with Alexa Certification, a color display, a remote control, a stereo line output, optical input, and USB input for a thumb drive and smartphone charging, the free Como Control app, grouping units for wireless multiroom without any audio delay, a two-year warranty, free tech support for life,

and in the case of Musica, a CD player and integrated premium music services like Amazon Music.

The Setup Wizard normally shows upon first power up. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. I just powered on my Como Audio system for the first time and I do not see the Setup Wizard. What do I do?

The unit should default to the Setup Wizard automatically but on occasion it does not. This is not an indication of a problem and you can manually get to the Setup Wizard in just a few steps. First, with the unit on, perform a Factory reset. Set the unit to FM mode by rotating the Source knob on the right to FM and pressing in to select. Once in FM mode, press and hold the center Menu knob and scroll down to System settings and press the knob in. Then scroll down to Factory reset, press the knob in and then select Yes. After the unit reboots, power it on and the setup Wizard should show. If the privacy policy shows first, just press the Menu knob in briefly to clear it. From there, just follow the Setup wizard.

  1. Why do you not recommend leaving a CD inside Musica?

There is no problem leaving a CD inside Musica as long as you don’t forget it’s there and don’t try to force another CD inside! This could damage your music system and require shipping it back to us for service, and such a problem would not be covered under the warranty.

The Musica remote’s Eject key. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. My CD is stuck inside my Musica, or will not play, or I can hear a noise when I play a CD. What should I do?

If a CD is stuck the first thing to try is to press the Eject key on the remote control in the upper right. This overrides the Eject key on the unit’s front panel. If that does not eject the disc, or the CD won’t play or there is noise, then press the tiny reboot button on the rear panel. If that does not resolve the issue, the last resort is to perform a Factory reset in the System settings menu. This will require repeating the setup and re-saving presets but usually forces the CD out and often cures odd gremlins like noise or not playing a CD. 

The Ortofon OM10 on a Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. What stylus comes with the Turntable Analog and what is its specifications? 

Our Turntable Analog comes with a premium custom Ortofon cartridge that has no model designation. Its specifications may be found at the end of the Turntable Analog’s user manual. For most listeners, this stylus sounds very good. If you wish to upgrade the stylus on your Turntable Analog we highly recommend the Ortofon OM 10. The Ortofon OM10 stylus comes standard on the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable.

Normalize the volume when streaming from Spotify.

  1. The volume level between songs when streaming Spotify varies. Can I level it out?

Yes. Spotify has such a setting. Open the Spotify app, select Settings (the gear icon), scroll down to the “Playback” section, then turn on “Normalize volume”. 

Adjusting the tone controls in the menu. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. How do I get to the tone controls?

A design decision was made to minimize the number of controls on the exterior in order to provide a clean appearance. Moreover, we felt tone controls were not something users would need to constantly adjust. Most people set it and forget it, so we placed the tone controls in the System settings menu under “Equalizer”. There you will find adjustments for Bass, Treble, Loudness, and Balance. After you select Equalizer in the System settings menu, select My EQ profile setup, then adjust as desired. Hint: Use the remote’s up/down arrow keys to adjust the values, not the left/right arrow keys (/<<  &  >>/). When done, press the remote’s left arrow key to back out and then select Yes to save your changes. Now, go back into the Equalizer menu and select My EQ to apply your custom settings.

  1. How do I delete an Internet radio station in My Favorites list?

You must log in to the portal to remove a station from Favorites. Once your log in, select the Favorites tab. You will see a trash can icon to the right side of each station in the list. Click on it to delete that station from your list.

  1. Do you accept trade ins?

We do not accept trade-ins or allow model upgrades unless you purchased from our website within 60 days. In that case you can return your unit for a different model or a refund anytime within that 60-day window. If you purchased from Amazon, Amazon’s return window is 30 days. 

No blue “Works with Alex” logo.

  1. I own multiple Como Audio models. When I see the list of models in the Como Control app, sometimes some models show the blue Works with Alexa logo but some do not even though they all have the latest software. Why is that?

If you’re streaming from a premium music service like Spotify to your music system, we are prohibited by those services to show the Amazon “WWA” logo. In Internet radio mode, Aux, FM, optical, and Bluetooth (and CD with Musica) the logo will be displayed. 

  1. Bonus question: I have an Amazon Prime Music Playlist or Amazon Station saved to a preset but when I press the preset button it only plays one song and then stops. Why is that? 

In Amazon Music mode, our models take their “instructions” direct from Amazon’s music servers. If Amazon is only providing the URL for one specific song, then that is all the preset will be able to play. If Amazon is providing the URL to a complete Playlist/Album/Station then the preset will playback the entire set.

Tech Rap’s Ask Como Audio posts are designed to give you quick but helpful answers to frequently asked questions and issues. Check the other posts in the Ask Como Audio series (links below) to learn more about our products. As always, please reach out to us directly anytime if you have other questions or require more information about using your music system. We are here to help and more than happy to do so. Our email address is and the toll-free phone number to our Braintree, MA office is 1.844.644.8606. Our tech support center operates weekdays 9a-5p ET and we answer emails on weekends when possible, all in the effort to help you enjoy the music.

Next month’s Tech Rap: Multiroom

General Manger Peter Skiera lives in southern MA, worked in radio broadcasting throughout New England, and also worked for Cambridge SoundWorks, B&W Loudspeakers, and Tivoli Audio for 15 years before joining Como Audio in 2016. In addition to Tech Rap, Peter also writes for his own blog, He can be contacted directly at

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