August 18, 2022

Tech Rap: Ask Como Audio

I was in a grocery store yesterday and was quite surprised to see Halloween decorations for sale despite Halloween being more than 2 months away! I was in another retailer last week and they already had their fall clothing line out. The holiday season is apparently on our doorstep, so this is a good time for another “Ask Como Audio” article since product-related questions always see an increase during the holiday season. Plus, it’s been almost a year since the last “Ask”, so we’re overdue. There are some excellent new questions in this list so be sure to read all the way through, and if you haven’t read the others in this series, please do so. You’re sure to pick up some very helpful information and tips you won’t find in the manuals or elsewhere. 

The Musica gauge is running on empty. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. Why haven’t you had any Musicas in stock?

COVID 19 may mostly be over, but the resulting supply chain problems continue and Como Audio hasn’t been immune. It isn’t just car and smartphone manufacturers facing chip shortages. Plus, lead times for parts have increased dramatically as have prices. Musica is our most popular model, so we definitely want to have them in stock for you. We received a batch in early December which immediately sold out. We don’t expect to receive more again until around mid-2023. This is subject to change. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We suggest you request to be placed on our wait list and be sure you’re signed up to our email list so you’ll get updates when we have them. If you can’t wait, you may wish to consider B stock when they’re available.

2. If I received a Musica during the winter time, why should I wait until it warms up before using the CD player?

If you use the CD player on a Musica that’s been sitting on your doorstep in cold temperatures, there’s a slight chance that condensation could form over the CD lens as the unit warms up. We suggest you wait until the Musica acclimates to your home’s internal temperature before using the CD player. You don’t need to wait to use the other sources, so please enjoy. 

Frontier Silicon’s extensive Privacy Notice.

  1. What data do you collect when I use your Como Control app or the generic UnDok app? 

You’ll see an extensive Privacy Policy in the System settings menu of your Como Audio model and in the Como Control app. This notice is required by law in the EU and in some US states. Como Audio itself gathers no information, personal or otherwise, from our app or the free portal. For Internet radio and music services, our platform provider, Frontier Silicon, stores server access logs for operational purposes but removes the IP address so that no personal data is stored and no other data is shared. The Internet radio station aggregator collects information about tuned and Favorite stations/podcasts as almost all station aggregators do. Note Apple and/or Google might gather their own information but this isn’t something Como Audio has any control over. 

Optical input mode on a Como Audio Musica. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. I’m connected to the optical input of my Como Audio music system but I’m not getting any sound. What should I do?

First, be sure your toslink cable is properly and securely connected on both ends and not twisted/bent. Second, be sure the source your cable is connected to, such as your TV or CD player, has its optical output enabled and set to PCM if such options exist. Also be sure your Como Audio system is up to date: System settings > Software update > Check now. Lastly, perform a System reboot in the System settings menu of your Como Audio system. This should restore the audio without erasing any of your settings. Performing a Factory reset in System settings is the last resort and it will require repeating the setup and re-saving presets. 

  1. Why is there a delay in the sound when I have my Como Audio models grouped and I’m playing the sound from my TV? 

In multi-room mode, the software synchronizes the audio between the “master” and the “client” devices in the same group, but your TV’s audio output (analog or digital) is not part of the group (i.e. it’s not a Como Audio “client” but a TV). So, the audio output from your TV is unable to synchronize with your grouped Como Audio units, causing a latency. If you have more than 2 units in the group, you can simply remove the unit connected to the TV when watching TV and add it back into the group when you’re done. If you have just 2 units you would need to delete the group and setup a new group afterwards. Thankfully, deleting and setting up a group in the Como Control app is not complicated.

A walnut Como Audio Musica as a “client” in a multi-room group. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. When I’m in multi-room mode, the host unit shows metadata, but the client(s) display the playback buffer. Can I change this? 

No. Whenever units are grouped, the displays of the clients will all show the playback buffer and this cannot be changed. However, you can always see what’s playing via the Como Control app. 

  1. Are there any non-Como Audio wireless speakers that are compatible with your system? 

Yes. A model using the Frontier Silicon platform might be compatible depending on the version. Let us know the brand and model and we should be able to let you know the compatibility. Other models are not compatible since they use their own proprietary platforms which don’t support our platform. For the ultimate multi-room compatibility with your Como Audio music system you should consider getting another Solo, Duetto, Amico, or Musica.

Como Blu’s software version. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. I own the Como Blu Stereo System. How do I tell the software version? 

With unit on, press and hold the Source knob for 7 seconds while in Aux mode to see the software version. The current version is b310.

  1. Whose voice is used for the Como Blu’s spoken confirmations? 

The voice is courtesy of General Manger and Como Audio blogger, Peter Skiera, who used to work as a radio announcer decades ago. Siri and Alexa, eat your heart out. 

  1. Why does the Como Blu keep saying “Low power”?

This message indicates the battery should be charged. If you didn’t purchase the optional battery pack or the battery is indeed charged, you’re probably using the incorrect external power supply, such as the one that comes with our Turntable. Only use the power supply provided with Como Blu. Using a different supply will result in the “Low power” warning.

  1. In a nutshell, what’s the differences between your Bluetooth and Analog Turntable models?

Our Bluetooth Turntable comes with an upgraded motor, an upgraded cartridge (Ortofon OM10 vs. OM5e), 4 feet vs. 3 on the Analog model, and dedicated speed controls including 78 RPM (requiring a special stylus sold separately). The Bluetooth Turntable also has dedicated Line and Phono outputs whereas the Analog model has a single set of shared, switchable outputs. Lastly, the Bluetooth model features real wood veneers and high gloss paint, whereas the Analog model uses a premium vinyl wrap and is only available in two finishes. As a result of all the upgrades, we think our Bluetooth model sounds better, but that’s up for you to decide. 

It all hinges on this: The dust cover’s rear hinges. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. The dust cover on my Como Audio Turntable won’t stay up. Can it be adjusted?

Yes. The dust cover hinges can loosen up over time with use. To adjust them, use a Phillips head screwdriver (not included) to tighten the 4 screws on the back that hold the hinges in place.

The end of the trail on a Como Audio Turntable. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. I know your Turntable models are fully manual, but will the stylus become damaged when it reaches the end of the record?

No. Although not as convenient, manual turntable models tend to be of higher build and sound quality than automatic models. With manual models, at the end of a record, the stylus will remain in the trail off groove but not come into contact with the label. Still, it’s best to lift the tone arm as soon as possible after a record is finished playing to avoid unnecessary wear to your stylus. 

The Intermatic DT620 indoor digital timer. Photo from

  1. Do your music systems include a timer such that I can schedule the unit to turn on and off at certain times each day?

No, and we’re not aware of devices like ours that do. However, you can easily use an external indoor timer (not included) like you’d use with a lamp, but plug a Como Audio music system into it instead. Once you’ve set the timer up and it’s providing power, plug the Como Audio model in and be sure it is on and playing at the desired volume. When the timer kills the power at the programmed time, the unit will power on the next time the timer activates because the unit will remember its last state, which was on and playing. We suggest getting a digital timer since they tend to be more accurate than analog timers and not nearly as noisy. Some digital models also have battery backups so you don’t need to reprogram them if the power goes out. 

A Como Audio Musica in Bluetooth mode. Photo by Peter Skiera. 

  1. Which sounds better- Bluetooth or an audio cable?

Due to Bluetooth’s compression, a good quality stereo audio cable usually yields more faithful reproduction. However, in most instances, Bluetooth sounds perfectly acceptable and Como Audio’s aptX compatibility results in improved sound quality. Having one less wire is also a welcomed convenience. 

  1. Why can’t I get my Bluetooth headphones/earbuds/speakers to connect to my Como Audio model?

Como Audio models have a Bluetooth receiver not a transmitter. In order for those devices to work you’ll need to connect a Bluetooth transmitter (not included) to the stereo headphone output of your Como Audio system. For more details, see “Kind of Bluetooth”. 

Note the little blue folders to the right of each station under Favorites in the station portal.

  1. I have a lot of Internet radio stations setup in My Favorites. Is there a way to organize them into folders?

Yes, via the free portal. After you register on the portal, setup your music system(s), and save multiple Internet stations to Favorites, log into the portal and select “Favorites” toward the top of the page. Your list of Favorite stations will be presented. At the very bottom of that page you’ll see “New Directory”. Type in the name of the file you wish to create such as “Jazz” or “Peter’s Country Stations”, and then click on “Save” in green on the right. Your new folder will be placed in your list of stations by alphabetical order. You’ll notice that every station in your list now has a little blue folder icon to the right of each station’s name. If you want to place that station in your new folder, click on the blue folder icon, then drop the menu down and select the folder’s name and select “Move”. The stations you select will then appear in that folder which will also be shown under My Favorites in your Como Audio music system’s Station list menu. 

  1. What do you recommend as far as placement of my Como Audio music systems is concerned?

Our models utilize a rear bass port so it’s important to leave a couple of inches between the port and a back wall to allow the air to escape and not sound muffled. If you’re placing your Como Audio Music system in a bookshelf, bring it out as close to the edge as you can so the sound isn’t trapped. The same is true if using The Platform. Placing the unit up higher vs. lower is best if you have the option, as you ideally want the speakers to fire at your ears not your stomach. If you intended to use the FM, be sure you have enough room to extend and position the rear telescoping antenna for optimal reception. 

Spotify mode on a piano white Como Audio Musica. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. Why can’t I access the Spotify menu on my Como Audio system when I’m in Spotify mode? And do I need a smartphone to use Spotify?

Our models must receive Spotify certification in order to be able to support that music service. This means we, like any product with such certification, must comply with whatever Spotify requires. Accordingly, you can only access Spotify menu options in the Spotify app and not directly from our models. When in Spotify mode, a Spotify-certified product taps directly into Spotify’s servers and essentially just acts as a loudspeaker for playback. You can perform basic operations using our included handheld remote control such as Play/Pause and Next Track. 

You’ll need a smartphone or computer with Spotify installed in order to initiate Spotify playback per Spotify.

20. Why am I able to save some Spotify playlists to a preset but not others?

If a given Spotify playlist is deemed too length by Spotify, it won’t save to a preset per Spotify. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t specify how many songs in a playlist qualifies as “too lengthy”. 

21. Do your models support the free version of Tidal and/or the new Spotify Hi-Fi?

No. Our platform isn’t able to support those variants. The free version of Spotify is supported. 

The Play/Pause keys work when streaming music. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. How do I pause a podcast using the included remote control?

When playing back a podcast, the handheld remote’s Play/Pause key will save the podcast to My Favorites just as it will when playing an Internet radio station. To pause a podcast (or an Internet radio station), you must use the free Como Control app. The remotes’ Play/Pause keys work with the integrated streaming music services or when streaming music files.

The light’s on but nobody’s home: A blank display screen.

  1. The display on my Como Audio model doesn’t illuminate, illuminates but shows no information, or has vertical lines running across it. What should I do?

These issues could be caused by static discharge or a momentary power spike. If you’re able to access the System settings menu, please perform a Factory reset which will require you to repeat the setup and re-save presets but is something we ask of any customer experiencing an issue. If you’re unable to see the menu you can still perform a hard manual reset by unplugging the power cord, pressing the Power and Menu knobs while plugging the cord back in, and releasing the knobs when the display lights up. This will act the same as a Factory reset and will require repeating the setup. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please email us with the model, serial number, and a copy of your purchase invoice so we can advise your options. 

A Como Audio Musica in USB mode. Photo by Peter Skiera.

  1. Can I search for music on my USB thumb drive when connected to the USB input?

No, there isn’t a way to search music files in USB mode. The content of the folders on your USB stick will be shown in alphanumeric order. Any files not supported will show “Empty” on the display screen. Very high-res files may be shown but they won’t play since they’re incompatible. For more information on USB mode, please refer to the Comprehensive Manual on our website under Support. 

The Como Control app in the Google Play store.

  1. Why can’t I find your Como Control app in the Google Play store?

As of January 31, 2023, any Android phone running Android 12 or above won’t be able to see our Como Control app in the Google Play store per Google unless our app was already downloaded to your phone before running the update. Smartphones running software older than Android 12 will still be able to find our app. For phones running Android 12 or above, you should download the free UnDok app which will be visible in the Google Play store. UnDok is a free generic version of our Como Control app and operates in much the same way. 

The free UnDok app will allow logging in to Amazon Prime Music.

Bonus FAQ: I can’t log into Amazon Prime Music via the Como Control app. What do I do?

Amazon made some changes that caused a problem with our app. The work around is to install the UnDok app from the Apple or Google Play store. UnDok is the generic version of our own app and is also free. It behaves similarly and will allow Amazon Prime Music login.

Bonus FAQ: Sometimes when I turn off my Como Audio system, the next time I turn it back on, it doesn’t always play the Internet radio station I last had playing. Why is that?

It can take a minute or so for the unit to store the last played station in its memory. If you only listen to the Internet station for a short period of time before turning off the unit, that isn’t enough time for it to be remembered. So, when you turn the unit on again, it will play the station before the last tuned station. To avoid this, allow the station to play for a couple of minutes before turning the unit off.

You don’t have to wait for a new “Ask Como Audio” article to get your questions answered. Please feel free to drop us a line any time with questions or comments: We strive to respond ASAP, sometimes even replying on weekends and holidays when our office is closed. We know the importance of customer service and we want to provide the information you need to make your purchase decision and to get full use out of your Como Audio music system so you can enjoy the music. 

Peter Skiera lives in southern MA, worked in radio broadcasting throughout New England, and also worked for Cambridge SoundWorks, B&W Loudspeakers/Rotel, and Tivoli Audio for 15 years before joining Como Audio as V.P. of Product Development in 2016. In addition to Tech Rap, Peter also writes for his own blog, He can be reached directly at pskiera@ahancomoaudio-com

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