It's All About the Sound

Tom DeVesto was one of the Flower Children of the Sixties. He had long hair, marched and protested, and had “an apartment with a bed, a stereo and all the records you could afford.”

Over his 40-year career in consumer electronics, DeVesto stayed true to one focused mission: to deliver the best sound possible. That’s why this veteran electronics legend and visionary started Como Audio: to make high quality products that support the latest technology, are simple to operate, have sophisticated design, take up a small amount of space, and don’t become obsolete.

Throughout the Como product line, you will find DeVesto’s ongoing dedication to his lifelong goal of bringing high performance, futuristic vision, beautiful design and long-lasting products to the consumer.

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CDs & Vinyls

Enjoy your CD collection with Musica, our multi-source smart speaker which features a built-in CD player. Your vinyl records will sound fantastic on the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable.

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Radio & Streaming

Our music systems include Internet + FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Spotify Connect, and more music source options for your listening pleasure.

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Music for everyone

No phone, tablet, or PC needed beyond initial setup.
Spotify Connect is supported by all Como Audio models.

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From Our Customers

Your opinion matters to us. Share your opinions and read reviews written by our customers.

from Amico

Really enjoying the smart design and excellent sounds of this little speaker. Have been using Bose for years and decided to try something new – very happy so far with the Amico. Paired it with a Echo Dot and have access to the full suite of music. Eager to take it outside this summer!

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from Turntable

This is a great unit…The Ortofon OM-10 is a great cartridge that you usually won’t find on units in this price range…I have a much more expensive Rega turntable that the cartridge costs more than this whole unit does, & this guy sounds nearly as good. or better! I was kinda shocked on well the […]

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from Musica

The Musica is exactly the product I was looking for. I wanted something that I could use to listen to FM radio, internet radio, podcasts, and my Amazon music library…and most importantly I wanted anyone in my house to be able to do all of this without having to pick up a phone or tablet. […]

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from Solo

Since I was ten years old – in the 1950’s – I have been fascinated by radios and have collected a substantial number of them over the decades. The oldest are from the 1930’s, and there are three modern radios purchased in the past few years. One is a Tivoli (my second one of those), […]

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from Duetto

Love love love it! Love love love our new Duetto (Walnut)! It sounds amazing and is beautiful! Set up and connecting to our wifi & Bluetooth was quick and couldn’t have been easier. The app is awesome-love that I can turn it on/off, choose source, volume and more using my iPhone as a remote. Currently […]

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